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  • Gold-In Chinese & Cantonese Cuisine Food

    Couple years ago, our restaruant mixed Chinese cooking style and Cantonese cooking style, which was to improved our menu to phase the best taste of Chinese food. In addition, in order to keep the original taste of chinese food and ensure the food quality, since we opened our restaruant we still insisted on employing Chinese chefs to cook our food. As a family own bussiness, we always try to provide the best chinese food to our customers in Keller area. If you were our frequent customers, you probably knew that sometimes we did make some mistakes, we apologied for those inconvenience to you! Please share your ideas with us, we will be glad to hear that. Thank you our customers! You are the best!

  • Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese cooking styles

    A family from Tainwan owned Gold-In chinese food resataruant for couple years, and their cooking style is the same Chinese cooking style, or in other words, that should be close to Cantonese cooking style which is the original American-style Chinese food. Therefore, our restaruant mixes Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese cooking styles!

  • Gold-In Burger

    Gold-In Burger, a well known local old memory food resaturant back to nearly 20 years ago, served fast food like Burger and asain food like Sushi as well. Even now some of our old customers still mention and talk about it. We are always glad to hear those kind of history about our restaruant and we are pround of it! Thank you Gold-In Burger!

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